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Leak Repair Service By Black Box Plumbing Pearland TX

DIY Shower Leak Repair

Having a regular shower is essential, especially if the weather gets hot.  This is often the case in the summer in Pearland TX. However, things can go wrong.  This could be because of a worn shower head or older faucets.  There is a solution–Plumber Pearland.  We provide professional assistance and can get to you any time there is an emergency.

If you feel you have the skills, you can attempt a shower leak repair yourself. You will need the following set of tools: screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers.  In addition, you’ll need various gasket and washer options. You may need to check the make and type of shower head or faucet to get this right, if you can. You’ll also need a hand puller, enough Teflon Tape, and cartridges.   Using rubber clothes would also be a good idea. Mop and clean the whole shower area, making sure it is totally dry. Of course, tell the rest of your family they cannot use the shower while you are working on it. The most important point is to turn off the water supply to the shower for obvious reasons.

This is what you can attempt.  Turn the shower handle as far as you can go clockwise. You can use a screwdriver to detach the handle. Unscrew the cap. Use a hair drier to remove any mold.  The cartridge is a large ring. You will find this on the shower room wall.

Professional Shower Leak Repair Service

To complete your own shower leak repair, you must use a cartridge ring pull to do this.  Replace the cartridge ring by screwing on the new one. Reassemble the shower head using all the correct components. There are a number of assumptions in all of this. Do you have the correct tools for this shower leak repair?  Do you know where to find and buy the correct components for it? You may have no background or experience in practical tasks like this.

In this case, you will to contact us in Black Box Plumbing.  We can send around a qualified technician to sort out any shower head leak problem.  By calling us and giving us an indication of the make and model of shower head, a skilled plumber will come along with all the necessary components and parts for the shower repair. Is the leak coming from around the shower head or from the shower head itself? This information will help us narrow down the problem to it being a possible problem with the internal gaskets or washers; otherwise, there might be a problem with the faucet or tap that sends water to the shower head. It might be the case that you will need a whole new shower unit.  Your present shower has served you well, but this is now the time for a replacement.  We can supply and install a whole new unit.  This could be more energy efficient and less wasteful with water.

Reliable Leak Pipe Repair Service

Black Box offers a range of other plumbing services, which include a leak pipe repair service. One related problem is slab repair. If your house has been built on land with high clay content, there is a chance that there will be land movement and possibly a high water table. This means that water will start seeping through the floor.  Mold and an unpleasant smell will become noticeable as well. We can seal and relay your flooring slabs if necessary.  Please contact us at Black Box.  Skilled plumbers and equipment are needed for the leak pipe repair. Pipes can supply water and are used to take waste water and sewage away. There can be problems with both types of piping. 

Pipes corrode and wear.  Texas is largely a hard water area. That means that the bedrock will be chalk or limestone. This means that there will be calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron in the water supply.  In this regard, pipes can fur up and leave deposits in sinks, and baths. The taste of the water gets steadily more unpleasant. Calling in plumbers to patch up your piping system is only putting off the day when you will have to “re-pipe” the whole of your house. We can offer you a financial solution that will meet your needs.  There will be no internal damage to your property.  We can use a range of different pipes, including galvanized steel and ACE duroflo piping.

Leak Pipe Repair

We at Black Box offer two other optionsWe can add a water softener unit to your water supply; this will take away lime scale from your piping, kitchen sinks, and baths.  The water will be a lot more palatable and healthy to drink. We can also provide tank-less water heating systems.  This does away with a heated water tank. This means that water will not be heated for a long period, which can be costly.  You also free up space in your home. It saves money, and it is a much more efficient and environmentally sound option. Leak pipe repair plumping also deals with waste water and sewage disposal.  Blocked or damaged drainage can lead to toilets and sinks overflowing.  This could well be down to blocked or damaged waste pipes.

Other causes of the leak are pipe corrosion, tree roots, movement in the land, or blockages. We will send an expert around to diagnose the problem.  Our plumbing technicians have a special tool or rod that can be passed through the piping and will cut back any invading tree roots.  We can “re-pipe” by sending the new pipe along the path of the old piping without the need for extensive trench digging. Our services also extend to commercial and business premises.  Public rest rooms and toilets, along with those for the personnel, are critical parts of any business.  We can offer the same help and assistance to businesses for leak repair work.